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In addition to tourist and treatment services, our clients can also benefit from saline aerosol treatments inside the saline treatment room in the Aluniș complex.
Due to the practical realization and the endowments of the Halotherapeutic Enclosure, the environment created inside it corresponds to all the European quality requirements regarding the thermal comfort of the people who will perform the halotherapy procedures.

Statistics and medical results of halotherapy

In Romania, the most serious research published in the field of Halotherapy was carried out by Dr. Palfi Bela and his team (University of Medicine Tg. Mureș), who in 1959 - 1972 did research in the saline environment and the patients of the Saline Praid, obtaining the following statistics and results for the respiratory diseases treated:

  • infectious and allergic asthma,
  • asthmatic bronchitis,
  • chronic tracheobronchitis,
  • maxillary sinusitis,
  • pharyngeal polyposis,
  • chronic tonsillitis,
  • restrictive respiratory failure,
  • pulmonary emphysema

Published cures and improvements are among the highest known in the world: 85%
These observations were made on a number of 2000 patients treated between 1959-1972.

The curative exploitation of the Halo - the Chamber

Preliminary recommendations:

  • performing therapeutic procedures to be done in conditions of human thermal comfort 18 - 24OC;
  • the relative humidity of the enclosure in which the Halo is located - the Chamber should be between 55-70%;
  • the clothing used should be light, clean, hygienic, preferably made of natural materials (hemp, linen, cotton, wool or blended), non-flammable;
  • footwear used to be strictly dedicated to this activity (eg slippers)
  • in the case of longer stay, it is recommended to consume only water, with the amendment not to spill or splash inside the Halo - the Chamber
  • keeping the interior of the Halo - the Chamber clean

Techniques for using the halotherapeutic cure

  • The technique of practicing the Halo - Costa type cure in the environment is very simple: the practitioner must stay in the Halo - Chamber atmosphere for a period of time between 30 minutes. and 4 hours daily, in a course of 12-18 days.
  • The differences in the duration of inhalation of saline air are given by the severity of the diseases, the period of chronic diseases, the frequency of repetition of the diseases, etc.
  • By staying in the Halo - Costa type environment and breathing its atmosphere, inhalation of saline ions takes place, due to its concentrations and chemical-physical characteristics. Thus, through the respiratory system, saline aerosols necessary for the treatment enter the body.
  • Saline aerosols, which have dimensions between 0 and 5 Âl (m reach directly into the pulmonary alveoli. Aerosols with dimensions larger than 5 Âl (m are deposited on the upper respiratory tract, nose, mouth, pharynx, larynx, where they are also absorbed by the body, but in a larger amount (approx. 1 - 1.5 mg / session) and which have the role of disinfection and fluidization of the mucus of these organs.
  • Due to the natural presence of Ca, Mg, I, Br ions, they are the same, inhaled and transported to the body's cells, thus achieving a very good mineralization at the cellular level.

The main guidelines for the efficient use of Halo - Camera

  • for healthy or seemingly healthy people an exposure of the body to the saline atmosphere approx. 30 min / day to obtain results of prevention and mineralization of the body, for 12-18 days a cure, which can be repeated cyclically at approx. 1 month or whenever necessary
  • for the treatment of mild colds (complementary treatment), between 30 and 60 min / day, for a minimum of 12 days
  • for asthmatics, depending on the degree of manifestation of the disease, between 1 hour and 4 hours / day, time 14 - 21 days / cure, a cure that can be repeated cyclically, with a rest period of approx. 14 days, or whenever needed
  • for various respiratory diseases, depending on the degree of their manifestation, between 30 - 60 min and 2 - 4 hours / day, for 14 - 21 days / cure
  • in preventive cures, especially during the changing seasons, when organisms are prone to disease, between 30 - 60 min / day for min. 12 days.
  • in the body's remineralization belts, in the maintenance belts, in the relaxation belts, in the recovery belts, in the prevention belts, etc. between 30 - 60 min./day whenever you want min. 30 min./day


  • Exposure of the human body to the atmosphere Halo - Camera has no contraindications under the prescribed conditions of operation!
  • The procedure of using the Halo - Camera involves parking inside it, with the door closed, the times recommended above or those recommended by the attending physician.

Useful recommendations

  • It is recommended to use clothing and footwear dedicated only to Halo - Camera straps, for example: cotton or blend dressing gown, disposable slippers, toiletries or other similar footwear.
  • Keeping the Halo clean - The room is important because it cannot be vacuumed, just sweep lightly and carefully so as not to dislodge the crushed salt between the joints! Use only brooms dedicated to this activity!
  • Wiping wooden elements can only be done with soft cloths or soft brushes, possibly slightly dampened, without the use of detergents or other cleaning substances. Use only cloths or brushes dedicated to this activity!
  • In case of damage to surfaces, salt cladding, construction elements or failure of subassemblies such as: handles, locks, protective grilles, benches, door trim, hinges, etc., it is imperative to contact the company that made Halo - Camera or specialized and authorized personnel for this purpose.


  • 5 LEI / hour / pers
  • 10 LEI / 3 hours / pers
  • 2 LEI / hour (children up to 16 years old)