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Enjoy the attractions of one of the most appreciated Transylvanian resort from the best comfort of the Aluniş SPA Complex.
We invite you to live an experience that pampers your senses, relaxes your body and banishes stress, bringing you balance and harmony.


Sovata Aluniș Hotel

In order to ensure the best treatment conditions for you, since 2008 the ALUNIŞ Complex has opened its own modern TREATMENT CENTER inside the hotel.

Due to the healing properties of salt water and sludge extracted from the salt lakes in the Sovata area, the resort has become the recommended destination for treating gynecological and rheumatic diseases, a unique resort in Europe, famous for its beauty and beneficial effects on health.

We want you to enjoy the beneficial effects of nature from the area, the modern technology and the excellent facilities of the new treatment center and the full attention of the specialized and authorized medical staff.

The main indication for gynecological diseases is Sovata resort. The primary prophylactic treatment in diseases of the female genital tract is applied in states of hypothalamic-pituitary functional imbalance that prevents the normal functioning of the gonads by stimulation defect and causes menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, frigidity. Favorable results are obtained by sodium chloride baths in Sovata;

Primary prophylactic whale treatment - is also indicated for women in the active genital period, who are at risk of inflammatory processes in the genital tract.

Secondary prophylactic spa treatment - is indicated for patients with endocrine and functional gynecopathy, with a history of genital dysfunction, to prevent relapses. The spa treatment aims to improve the circulation and trophicity of the genitals, the correction of endocrine disorders, etc.

Therapeutic spa treatment - is indicated in the following conditions:

  • Chronic colitis and cervicitis (erythematous form and cervical erosion);
  • Vulvovaginitis with chronic tendencies, as well as non-infectious leukorrhea - after drug treatment; 
  • Chronic metroanexitis, after 3 months from the last evolutionary outbreak;  
  • Chronic pelvic cellulitis (lateral parameters, douglasitis) with or without uterine static disorders (uterine lateroretroversions) 
  • Female sterility generated by tubo-ovarian inflammatory sequelae, as well as in the postoperative states of the fallopian tubes;
  • In uterine inflammatory processes, in uterine hypoplasia
  • Cervical factors (infections, changes in cervical mucus)
  • In functional disorders (tubal spasm, hypooligomenorrhea)
  • Primary dysmenorrhea - vegetative and psychogenic spasticity
  • Organic dysmenorrhea (secondary inflammatory)
  • Pelvic congestion and premenstrual tension syndrome
  • Pre- and postoperative states of the genital tract, in adherent syndromes

For the success of the spa treatment, before leaving for the resort, it is necessary to consult the family doctor (gynecologist), in order to specify the diagnosis and the evolution phase of the disease. Arrival in the resort is good to take place after the menstrual cycle (the first 5-6 days), the therapeutic procedures being adapted and dosed according to its stages.

Local intravaginal applications (saline irrigation) produce secretolytic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, local estrogenic sedative effects. The secretions are removed by washing, there is a hyperemia of the vaginal mucosa, a hyper-reaction of the glands of the cervix, with decongestant effects. Local intravaginal applications (warm mud swabs) cause a strong local vasodilation, with hypersecretion effect of the neck glands with absorbent effect, local hormonal effects and changes in vaginal pH. Also in the external cure is applied sapropelic mud and chloride-sodium water.

The treatment with natural factors specific to Sovata resort is accompanied by hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, saline therapy.

For the treatment of rheumatic and gynecological diseases, medical consultations, procedures (bath in salt water, massage, electrotherapy, paraffin wraps, mud wraps, etc.) are provided, all under the careful guidance of specialists. Our clients can also benefit from saline aerosol treatments inside the saline treatment room in the Aluniș complex. Due to the practical realization and the endowments of the Halotherapeutic Enclosure, the environment created inside it corresponds to all the European quality requirements regarding the thermal comfort of the people who will perform the halotherapy procedures.