Salt Room

Hotel Alunis

Persons with asthma, respiratory disorder, diseases or allergies can use the saline spaces under hygienic and intimate home conditions.

The saline therapy (halotherapy) is recommend as a treatment with saline aerosols to be used for the prevention, treatment and recovery from respiratory diseases.

The Salt Room have the following main features:

  • they allow creating a salt mine atmosphere under hygienic and safe conditions, thus saving time and expenses;
  • patients may benefit of own-created hygienic conditions, intimacy and repeated treatment, whenever needed

The incidence of the respiratory diseases, such viral or alergycal, is situated on high levels on Europe population, many statistics shown over 60% morbidity. The Costa's type Halo-Therapy (Halo-Cabins or Halo-Rooms) allow to be practiced all over the year, in pure natural, safe, familiar, intimate and hygienical conditions.
By using this exquisite saline therapy one can efficiently recover from breathing disorders and diseases, like:

  • asthma, allergique asthma, infectious asthma, bronchial asthma, smoker's cough, a.s.o.
  • viral and non-viral bronchitis
  • guttural state, hay fever, allergic fever, allergic rhinitis, pollenitis
  • sinusitis, pollyposis
  • respiratory virosis
  • respiratory insufficiency
  • pulmonary emphysema
  • infectious and non-viral tonsillitis
  • post-rickety stages, etc.
  • stress disposal
  • life extension
  • different bacterial infections

The natural composition of the salt (NaCl):

  • NaCl , minimal 96,6% (some of the best types of salt throughout the world)
  • iodine (I) , bromine (Br) , calcium (Ca), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg),ammonites
  • sulphates : 1.4 to 4 %

The minerals used in their natural state ennoble the saline therapy, assuring it high curative properties.

Most of the medicine assure only a palliative treatment, more often producing side effects, while the saline treatment shows no side-effect, acting directly and long-lastingly upon the sick organ.

Did you know that:

  • the denomination SALINE THERAPY or HALOTHERAPY comes from Greek (halos=salt) .It uses salt and other tiny mineral tiny particles named aerosols that possess an unequalled curing effect? This type of treatment had been used already in ancient times in Eastern Europe, especially in Transylvania
  • Respiratory diseases constitute some of the major causes of world mortality? Asthma prevails in industrialized societies, having a high rate of mortality with children?
  • Pollution, an inadequate life style, food and smoking are the major causes of chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema and asthma in industrialized countries, especially with women and children?
  • the saline therapy helps patients attain a total rehabilitation of the respiratory dysfunctions. It also brings an important contribution to remineralise the human tissue and the body to a large extent?

Here you are some of the disorders and diseases that are treated by using our salt cabins:

  • asthma, allergic and infectious asthma, bronchial asthma, chronic asthma, smoker's disease, etc.
  • infectious or non-infectious diseases
  • respiratory virosis
  • sinusitis
  • pollyposis
  • respiratory insufficiency
  • viral tonsilis, pulmonary emphysema
  • post-rachitic treatment
  • disorders of the blood circuit
  • symptoms of stress
  • tendency of stoutness
  • insufficiency of magnesium and calcium
  • sensibility to climate changes

Statistic medical results viewing the saline treatment of the respiratory disorders and diseases show a positive percentage of 87% of recovered cases:

  • asthma, allergic and infectious asthma, bronchial asthma,chronical or allergic, smoker's disease, etc.
  • pollyposis,
  • respiratory insufficiency
  • pulmonary emphysema
  • viral and non-viral bronchitis
  • post-rachitic situations
  • respiratory virosis
  • sinusitis

The Salt Rooms is fitted with Digital Control System, whence provide full automatic control, supervision and adjustment of Salt Cabins and Salt Rooms atmosphere, humidity, salt ions concentration, ventilation system and temperature. The ventilation system is fitted with three filters: pollen filter, dust/pollution filter and humid filter.
Automatic Digital Control it is special designed to coordinate and maintain the Costa type Halotherapy atmosphere, intensely used by public or patients. The device is using the Digital Halo-Micro Climate Controller HMcC TS401.

The main functions of HMcC TS401 are:

  • supervising, adjusting and displaying the Relative Humidity in Halotherapy rooms and Cabins (45 - 70%)
  • supervising, adjusting and displaying the temperature (18 - 24 OC)
  • supervising, adjusting and displaying the salt aerosols concentration (4 - 37 mg/m3)
  • supervising and control the ventilation of Halotherapy enclosures (rooms or cabins): natural or forced air flows
  • operate in different modes: day/night, regenerating saline atmosphere, automat/manual, safety mode, service mode, reports.

The athmosphere in the salt room:

  • relative humidity: 55 - 75% (in the northern hemisphere with moderate climate)
  • aerosoles of NaCl: -estimated quantity : 7 - 20 mg/ccm
  • values of aerosols: 0-5 um 64% 5 um36%
  • Iodine, bromine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, suphates and ammonites:
  • estimated quantity: 0.01 - 1.3 %
  • size of ions: 10 to minus 7 - 10 to five cm
  • Allergic and polluting substances : 79 - 273 per ccm
  • Estimated C0/2 quantity : 0.1 - 0.2 %
  • Very low level of ozone (near to 0.00)
  • Very low level of oxidation substances: 10 - 300 mg/ccm (resembling the atmosphere
  • at 1000 m altitude)
  • very low pH level: 4.1 - 4.9 (adequate to non-septic and bacterial atmosphere)
  • very low level of protein substances
  • total absence of atmospheric irritants
  • total absence of air flow

The Salt Rooms
The Salt Rooms assure larger space inside, thus exceeding the personal or family use, meant to satisfy the saline therapy for larger groups of patients.
The salt rooms require the projection of special structures made of resinous wood, with special systems of protection and mounting, floor of a special wooden structure, flagstones or salt bricks.