About Treatment Center

Hotel Alunis

To ensure the best conditions for your treatment we opened a modern treatment center right in our complex in 2008.
Thanks to the curative properties of the mud and salt waters extracted from the salt lakes of the Sovata area, the resort has become suited to treat gynecological diseases and rheumatic, an unique resort in Europe, famous for its beauty and your health benefits.

We invite you to enjoy the benefits of the nature in the area, the modern technology, the excellent facilities and the full attention of our medical specialized and authorized personnel. Gynecological diseases were the main indication of cure in Sovata. Favorable results are obtained by repeted baths into the Bear Lake.

For successful spa cures you should consult your family doctor before leaving the resort, in order to specify the diagnosis and the progression of the disease. 

Treatment with specific natural factors in Sovata is accompanied by hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy.

For treatment of rheumatic diseases and gynecological we offer you medical consultations, procedures (saltwater bath tub, massage, electrotherapy, paraffin wraps, mud wraps, etc.), all under the careful guidance of medical specialists.
Our clients can benefit from treatment with saline aerosols inside the saline treatment rooms at Alunis Complex.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.